WEIHAI SEPIA FOODS CO., LTD located in the export and processing zone of China Weihai Economic and technical development zone, is a Japan exclusive investment enterprise, which takes frozen seafood processing as main business....

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The First factory

The Second factory


  • Boiled Cutted Octopus

  • Boiled Octopus Legs

  • Boiled Octopus Sliced

  • Boiled Octopus Skewer

  • Boiled Cutted Octopus (IWADAKO

  • Fried Octopus(MADAKO)

  • Fried Octopus(IWADAKO)

  • Cuttlefish Fillet

  • Cuttlefish Sliced

  • Cuttlefish Legs (Raw)

  • Cuttlefish Legs Skewer

  • Cuttlefish Sliced

  • Cuttlefish Ear

  • Cuttlefish Mouth

  • Ink Sac

  • Cuttlefish Egg